Our University Is One of the Top 8 Research Universities in the URAP Ranking

With the sincere efforts of our academic and administrative staff, academic, social, cultural and sportive activities have gained momentum.

Our university was ranked 8th among 23 universities accepted as "Research University" by YÖK criteria in the URAP (University Ranking by Academic Performance) 2022-2023 Türkiye ranking.

Our University, which proved the results of its serious breakthroughs with the official rankings, gained another victory that will make all Gazi members proud. In the URAP ranking, our University also took first place among 23 Research Universities by achieving the highest score in terms of the "Domestic Collaboration" indicator.


What is URAP?

URAP is an institution which evaluates higher education institutions according to various academic criteria and is established within Middle East Technical University, Institute of Informatics.

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