Vice Rectors


yücel gelişli-1

Prof. Dr. Yücel GELİŞLİ

Distribution of Duties

BELTEK General Coordination

Educational and International Relations Office

Institution of Social Affairs Coordination Office

Head Office of University Library and Documentation

Directorate of Student Affairs

Office of Press and Public Relations 




 Fazlı POLAT-1

Prof. Dr. Fazlı POLAT

Distribution of Duties

Coordination of Academic and Scientific Publications

Coordination of Institutional Campuses

Department of Health Culture and Sport

Department of Strategy Development 

Legal Consultancy Department

Unit of Enquiry

Civil Defense Expertise




Prof. Dr. Ramazan BAYINDIR

Distribution of Duties

Coordination Office of Research and Development

Department of Information Tecnologies

Unit of Scientific Research Projects 

Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs

General Directorate of Construction

Directorate of Revolving Fund 

Gazi Teknopark

Gazi Technology inc.



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